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Sept 8. Saturday. I got up this morning w a HUGE grin on my face. Had a really good sleep last night. What a wonderful launch night! What a magnificent week we had ! Almost magical. 11 paintings sold. No mean feat. Six months ago, I formally submitted my proposal to the management of CHC for this showcase. They were receptive and gave us the green light and we started work. The only thing they asked was the ‘Mid autumn’ theme. To manage expectations, I sounded out the parents, we can’t control the outcome but we can control our side of things, we will do our best. I could not have worked w more understanding parents. One of them told me not to worry, cannot sell, we will hang the paintings at home! Another said it was already a big deal to have a showcase like this. I was relieved. 😅 The number of sales this week was beyond our wildest dreams. I think everyone was shocked. The boys may not know what is going on but I will tell you that their families, relatives and friends are so proud of them and are so grateful to all who came, brought their friends and supported us! This exhibition has sealed and confirmed the boys’ status as ARTISTS. Just as drivers need a licence to drive, artists need affirmation to call themselves ‘artists’. Ok, I will qualify that THAT is how it works for me! These 2 boys have certainly earned their stripes. They have an exhibition under their belt, they have sold their works and marketed their merchandise in a commercial platform. Bona fide ARTISTS. Legit!!!😁

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