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Turning 3 soon...

November 1st today. Next month, my company turns 3. Started operating professionally Dec 2015. Time flies.Been so busy the past few months that I lost track of time. Although I have dates booked for workshops and showcases for 2019, my mind is thinking it is a good while more ! Aiyoo, it hit me just that it is end of 2018 and 2019 isn't too far away !!! This morning, I received a text message from a nice lady with an enquiry about my work. Not the first time I am getting enquiries, actually it has been happening quite often lately but u know, each time, it feels like it is the FIRST TIME! I still get the top of the world feeling! You can be sure that I will have a big wide smile plastered on my face for the rest of the day !!! Not every enquiry will translate to a sale or commission but that is part and parcel of business. For me, just the interest alone speaks volumes. I am just so awed by the power of social media, the FB platform, the website and just so very recently, I even started Instagram. I am so pleased and so over the moon that my work is reaching people and places that I cannot and dare not imagine. 3 years next month, ya, started counting my blessings. #TGBAG

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