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Adios to 5 Pieces this Week

Every piece is special. Every piece is painted with numerous hours spent conceptualising, scrutinising to get the desired effect, the result that I sought after matching what is in my head, in sync with what I see. 5 pieces were varnished and tidied up this week. A record feat for me.

I had been much blessed by the owners of these paintings. The first one was collected last week. I had wanted to deliver but he came instead. Bless him.

The second piece I delivered personally. The owner bought me tea !

The next three pieces were delivered this morning. My very lovely client was excited with her paintings, in fact she liked them so much she told me how excited to be connected with me and that I have opened up an account in the "AliBaba' of her collection of my paintings. What kind words ! Words that totally made my day.

I am honored and feel so privileged to be able to occupy pride of place in the homes of my dear clients. I am so happy, so pleased, so thankful and so grateful to have found favour with so many of my clients. #TGBAG

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