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Expanding ...My ...Horizon

The time has come and I have reached a point in my journey when I have to think, rethink and think, re think some more, many times. I took a good hard look at what I have so far and I asked myself WHAT do I want to see happen in the year and years ahead? Been going along with the flow of things since Day 1 and seriously, things have been super. Thank God for angels He sent my way. But, can I just go along without a hint of where I am going or where I want to go? I guess ... not. :)

I have been talking, quite a bit and I tapped onto my network of wonderful friends. I spoke to a few of my very learned, experienced and skilled marketing gurus and businessman friends and I listened to them. Thankful for their generosity and for sharing so freely with me. I gained tremendous input and wonderful insights from these tutorials and with each session I replayed their words and then "digested" what they said to me. Hahaha...

I took this CNY break, yes, I didn't lift a single brush during this 2 weeks, to think and plan with the wealth of info in my head from my learned friends and I have come out with something. There are going to be changes to my business model. One thing is clear, I have concluded that the way to grow is to step out of the comfort zone and take a leap of faith.

Excited. Very excited. And yes, making it happen ... and soon.

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