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GlacySohArt Designs Pte Ltd

Things are moving. I can't manage it on my own anymore. Set up this new company to focus on the retail side of the business. I can't believe this is happening but with God, ALL things possible. I have come to believe with confidence and know in my heart, God willing, anything also can, everything all possible. Nothing is wasted in the experiences of our lives. What I put on PAUSE years ago when I stopped work to look after my children, is not wasted. Believe me,I am able to do and understand the business side of things because of my work experience as a marketeer in my earlier working years. So there, this is the new company set up, to focus on the merchandising aspect of my work with my business partners. GlacySohArt, my 'painting' company is still around. This is where I accept commissions and develop my work. Been an awesome journey. Don't know what lies ahead, I will continue to trust God. Yes, I am excited and looking forward. 🙂 Thank YOU Jesus. #TGBAG

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