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In a nutshell...

I have had 4 name cards since I started, seems a bit weird, a tad funny, in fact quite clearly strange???!! There are reasons for every change but then again I am an artist, I am thus allowed to be a little quirky? ;) Every name card marks a milestone in my journey. I have clear memories of what happened and when. And so, I did a little exercise. Charting a timeline from the time I started art lessons to now. In this 5 and half years, I have done 252 pieces of art works. 131 mixed media pieces and 121 oil paintings to be exact. In retail, I have put on 48 SKUS of my artwork on merchandise. Well, to cut a long story short... this was what happened and when ... all brief, in a nutshell.. here goes...

July 2013 Art lessons began

Feb 2014, GlacySohArt FB Page was created

August 2015, Launch of Sketches of Singapore Ed 1 on iconic places in Singapore

October 2015, Received first commissioned order from an institution

September 2015 Launched own website www.

December 2015 Registered GlacySohArt

March 2016 Launch of Sketches of Singapore Ed 2 on Peranakan artefacts

20 May 2016 First outlet at The Fullerton Shop

31 May 2016 Second outlet at Chinatown Heritage Centre

Nov 2016 Sketches of Singapore Ed 3 on National Monuments

April 2017 Living @55 Art Exhibition at SUTD

June 2017 Retail point at BattleBox Visitor Centre

July 2017 Listed at Rumah Kim Choo

Sept 2017 First Solo Exhibition at Chinatown Heritage Centre

Sept 2017 Launch of Sketches of Singapore Ed 4 on Chinatown

October 2017 Retail Point at Haw Par Villa

Dec 2017 Second Solo Exhibition on Zodiac Series at Chinatown Heritage Centre

September 2018 Lanterns to my Heart Art Exhibition at Chinatown Heritage Centre

January 2019 Third Solo Exhibition Beicentennial Launch of Bloom

January 2019 Launch of Sketches of Singapore Ed 5

March 2019 Registered GlacySohArt Designs Pte Ltd

April 2019 Coming right up... 6th Retail Outlet, Jewel, Changi Airport Group

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