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Changi Gift Shop and I

Thought I better clarify that I do not have a gallery or a shop space in Jewel. AIYOO ... Prime retail space, how to afford??? This is what is going to happen. Some select items from my range of merchandise will be on sale at Changi Gift Shop. Changi Gift Shop is managed by Changi Airport Group. Will divulge more of this shop later. What I can say now is, it is not a stand alone shop. 😉 A milestone it is for me. I may not be able to get a lot of shelf space but to be included is A SUPER BIG DEAL. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity. Been asked many times... How did I get myself into this? Who did I know? Here’s the truth ... An ANGEL “dropped” my name! ❤️ Then they called. One meeting, two meetings and more meetings. They took my items, they tested, they surveyed, they consulted. The discussions started more than a year ago. Never thought that I will be so excited about a retail mall opening but then Jewel is no ordinary mall !!! 😱 Ok, I ‘fess up, I am already getting butterflies in my stomach!!! # TGBAG

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