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A Fun Art Session with WWCSG

I say it again, I am not an art teacher. I am not trained to teach, I can only share what I know, so this is not an art class, just a session to have some fun sketching. I feel led to say that I will not be able to go into the technicalities of an art lesson proper cos seriously, a lot of things I know I figured it out through trial and error! Hahaha.... I am managing expectations, yes, what I am saying is, if u want a proper art lesson, find a true trained teacher ... I am an artist, I paint and sketch..."no need to explain anything to anyone" type of an artist !!!

Enough said, I will do my best and pray that everyone will enjoy the time in the short 2 hour session. Specially organised by Wesley Women’s Cancer Support Group for all women cancer patients. Details as per attached.

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