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3rd Anniversary at The Fullerton Shop and Chinatown Heritage Centre

May 2016 was a special month for me. I will never forget it as it was the month I plunge into the lake of uncertainty in the very scary world of retail, with my very own niche of mementos for the Singapore tourist market. 😳 I don’t think I was the only one with doubts, seriously, what are the chances of survival? It is after all, a VERY competitive market. Well, believe you me, there are miracles in our lives. I bear testimony to that! By the grace of God and angels He sent my way, I ‘opened’ my first retail point at The Fullerton Shop. This was followed very quickly, a couple of days later, by Chinatown Heritage Center. Truly AMAZING, right? Three years has passed. Yes, in the blink of an eye. May, 2019 now. Earlier this month, The Fullerton Shop accorded me my own little showcase and I have been so honoured and so encouraged by the Fullerton guests who have bought my work during their stay at the 2 Fullerton hotels. I visited CHC today and they have changed the display of my merchandise! Ever so often, they move the items and create a fresh new look each time. I am deeply grateful for the exposure and indeed I have been so very much blessed by CHC visitors. I am thankful for the support of the management and the staff of Fullerton and CHC. Truly, I couldn’t have come this far without your support and partnership. And finally but most importantly, THANKS be to God Almighty. I thank Him for His Favour and for sending angels into my life to open doors of opportunities in these past 3 years. #TGBAG YAY!!! It is A VERY HAPPY 3rd Anniversary for me! 😆😁😌

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