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8th Retail Point is up !

I am so pleased to announce that my 8th retail point is FABRICITY at People’s Park. It is on the second floor and you won’t miss it because it is so unlike and so totally different from the rest of the other shops. I know cos I painted the shopfront ! Today is EXACTLY 2 years! 😱 Ahem ... Original painting occupies pride of place in the shop! Unit #02- 1098, go see! 😜 FABRICITY is the authorised distributor for the very famous Liberty fabrics, a very established British brand known for their fabulous prints. They also carry a curated selection of European cottons, linens, French laces, jacquards, voile, silk organzas and more! Told you they are different, yes, right in the heart of People’s Park. With immediate effect, FABRICITY now carries GlacySohArt Cushion Covers and Peranakan Lens’ cloths. 😄

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