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Truth be told, I find myself unduly worrying about things these days. It is not easy to paint full time. Unless you are a known artist, jobs are hard to come by. It is a pretty tough world out there. I went into Retail because it gives me some form of financial stability. No matter how, there will be always be “something” each month. COVID came and the retail biz came to an abrupt halt. It will be zero for quite a while. I began 2020 with 3 painting jobs. How did I get them? I can only tell you that there are angels in my life. These 3 pcs have been completed, 2 corporate works submitted and one private commission drying in my home. Things r not looking good. Number of cases seemed to be spiralling up. In the midst of all these, a big huge drop came from Heaven, I secured my next corporate commission. And ... I will share now that I have 2 more pcs in the pipeline! How possible? Please do not attribute it to luck, I can’t be that lucky. I will say it squarely to everyone, I have an AWESOME GOD and I know, HE is on my side! #TGBAG

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