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2021... and it is a WRAP !

#157 Jessie 24" x 30" Oil on canvas Commissioned artwork

Jessie. "Jessie in Swan Lake" was commissioned after I started my series on dances. When my client contacted me, I was upfront about what I cannot execute confidently. Faces. I do not accept work on portraits or work with full frontal view of faces. However my client was confident and while that was flattering, I know it is not going to be easy. It looks like I have to scale this Everest in my art journey. Face it squarely and so I accepted. The plus side is that my client is very understanding and there was no time pressure and time I took to hone this skill, over and over again to get some resemblance of this young and beautiful ballerina. It helped when I received photos of her face. I studied the arch of her brows, the bridge of her nose and the pout of her lips. I approached this bit by bit and stopped when I was tired. Took longer than what I would normally need to complete a piece but the process was enlightening and I learned so much on the job. I presented the finished artwork today and my client was pleased and approved it immediately. And with this, I wrap up 2021. Oil Painting #157 was completed and approved today ! YAY !!!


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