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6 years and 22 fundraiser paintings

22 Oct 2014 was exactly 6 years ago. I remember being very excited to be approached for the very first time to paint for a fundraiser. I was very encouraged and very flattered but at the same time also very nervous because at the back of my mind was this question of “who will want to buy my work, practically an unknown artist wannabe?” Well, thanks be to God, someone did and today, some 20 over “fundraiser” pieces later, I share my joy that #22 was given away yesterday and will be auctioned early next year.

We are living in tough times and I must admit that I am even more troubled by “who will buy?” but God is faithful and I will just have to trust and believe that He will provide and send a buyer.

One of my life’s blessings is my photographer friends who generously shared their photos with me. “CLARKE QUAY” was painted with inspiration from an original image by professional photographer, David Gn.

“DURIAN FRUIT FLOWERS” was based on an original photograph by another very established photographer, Mr R Seow .


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