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A Very BIG Commission

There is a kind soul who is donating $25000 to HCA Hospice Care for 5 pieces of my work. This is my BIGGEST COMMISSION in my art journey! I am putting everything aside for the next 2 months to just focus and paint these 5 pieces.

#150 SUNSET is on hold. Thank God that my client was very understanding. Tomorrow, I begin work on #151 !

Bought my materials today and did a major stock up of acrylic paints as I don’t keep supplies of acrylics, I paint mainly in oil. I spent a big bomb today!!!

Like the previous “Remembrance” series, I am again given full creative control. 5 individual pieces or a 5 pc panel work? Well, the team met last week and our decision was unanimous, yes, much more interesting, panel work it shall be. So, I am tasked to weave another story on 5 canvases and once they are completed, the talented wordsmiths in our team will then work their magic. I paint, they write.

Truly, this project has been so exciting. How one thing leads to another is simply AMAZING. There is a Maestro pulling the strings for us as incredibly things just fall in place! Through it all, I saw how the Community responded with kindness to this project. Because of you, we moved thousands of our Remembrance masks, not just locally but many pieces were sent overseas as well. Kindness have faces. Thank you, my dear frens.

Right now, I pray that God will bless this kind soul, his huge act of generosity really warms my heart. I will do my best.


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