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Cushy job?

Whoever thinks painting is a cushy job, can I ask that you think again? AIYOO, it is not just paint only!

Folks, do you know art materials smell? Turpentine, varnish and oil paints are strong chemicals. Not good for anyone with prolonged exposure. There is a reason why I paint outdoors in a shaded corner, why I spend money on odourless turpentine and why I don’t sit all day in front of the canvas.

An artist’s life can be fun and it can very FUNNY too, if you can laugh at yourself! . Along the way, there are all sorts of challenges, some can cause grief, others can bring about much laughter ! Like ... of late, I have been sitting on a hard wooden stool to work on the bottom (pun intended) of the current commissioned piece. Lol, I won’t go into the specifics but hey you go... TRY!!! Ya, I could move the canvas higher on the easel but there are limitations and in this case, height. No matter how I move, I have to use a stool. I endured the discomfort for quite a while until I realised and only very recently, a nice puffy cushion will help. Don’t ask me why I didn’t think of it earlier!


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