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Lest I forget....

Lest I forget, I write to remind myself. I started painting again in 2013. Set up a company in 2015 so that I can work with corporations and institutions in a more professional outfit. I am in my 10th year, I have done 173 oil/acrylic artworks and 154 mixed media work, a total of 327 pieces.Right from the start, I number my pieces, so I know exactly how many are done! Many of these paintings have found lovely homes and quite a few are in places/ institutions where they are publicly displayed. Been much blessed, I am thankful. There is clarity in my mind that this season of my life as an artist is not just about getting work but more importantly, it is to work meaningfully using this skill that is clearly God given. I begin this morning on canvas #174, a charity commission. This is in collaboration with Artist Ying of Yokeying.Art and is a repeat partnership with a kind hearted client. Last year, the client directed her love gift to ASSISI Hospice and this year, the gift of $5000 will go to Boys’ Town. God Bless Her Kind Heart.


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