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One Client. Two Orders for Charity.

One kind heart. 2 charity orders. Thank you for partnering Artist Ying Yokeying.Art and I. We started this GIFT series last year to celebrate our 60th, honestly we didn’t expect the client to want to work with us again! We are both so happy to do this! This is our first charity contribution this year! Will we do another? Yes, if there is interest. We can do one more. Text me if you want to know details. I paint on the canvas, Ying smiths the silver and bronze ornaments. How does this work? Yes, we donate our fees. Often, we get a small reimbursement for materials and time. Last year, we did 2 pieces and both gifts went to Assisi Hospice, this year’s gift is going to bless the work of Boys’ Town. “Boys’ Town helps children and youths who come from disadvantaged and disengaged families who may have faced hardship resulting from difficult home situations, financial struggles, abandonment, and abuse. Boys’ Town equips the children and youth in need with skills to become socially integrated, responsible and contributing members of society.”

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