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Many a time, I wonder what God has up His sleeves. Things I never thought I could do, I am doing now. By His Grace, I became an artist. With His Favour, doors of opportunities opened up for me and in the process miraculously, I became a little bit 'famous'!

There are many ways of ministry. Believe you me, never underestimate what God can do. I never ever thought my hobby would become money making work and certainly who would have thought that my art pieces could be used to raise money for good causes? Just as I thought that was what I am supposed to do, I got texted today with a request asking me if I could avail myself to help a youth with an afternoon or two to paint alongside me???

In this season of my near 6 decade life, I can tell you it is most exciting to let God show you what He wants you to do! Surprise, surprise, SURPRISE. Let me testify that it has been most fulfilling to be useful and to be of help.


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