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Thank you SG Squash!

A commission from a sports association is not a regular order. To a small art practitioner like me, it is huge! Wow, very different and promises fun … and absolutely novel and more … but the one thing that intrigued me is HOW???

After my initial meeting with the folks at SSRA, I was sold on this out of box idea of integrating art, squash and community. When the order was firmed, I quickly assembled my team. I activated my art kaki, Yoke YingThe third member was a godsend! Leong Yiat Teng

One thing that stood out in my interaction with the Squash community is their inherent passion. Now, our task on hand as artists is HOW to paint passion in their story, their vision, their hope, their plans?

To get us started, we were given squash lessons from the national coach, then we attended the squash ball and mixed with the community of squash players. We listened to the plans of the President of SSRA and was inspired to contribute in the plan! I think we “caught”something after all that!

Thereafter, we were booked for sessions of splash paint in a studio and then a couple of weeks later, we were on site at SICC glass court where hundreds of community came to leave their prints / marks on 4 canvases, each measuring 1.2 m by 1.2m. No small matter, it was a pretty big operation to execute this. We saw passion in action.

Over the past 3 weeks, the task of painting the 4 canvases was finally completed yesterday. Each piece has a story, each piece holds a message which we hope we have conveyed in our works.

For the 3 of us, it is our first collaboration and I thank God for the great teamwork and camaraderie. This series of work is different. We got out of our comfort zones, we pushed boundaries and painted in a new style that is totally unlike our normal works.

Thank you SSRA for believing in us.

For the unveiling of the canvases, please check out Singapore Squash social media.


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