Two Fort Canning Park Paintings

And so I painted 2 pieces on Fort Canning Park this week (embarking on a third today 😉), little did I know that someone was watching and what do you know, he texted me this morning to tell me he liked them which was sooo nice and that was not the end, it got better, he commissioned me to do something for him! YAY !!! 😱😊#TGBAG

When I am not ready...

... I blur the image. Many hours to do something like that and I can say I am only half done. 😫 Pencil outline, pen work, colours and shadows. No short cuts. 😊 This, is before I pile on the ‘make up’ next ! 😆

Changi Gift Shop and I

Thought I better clarify that I do not have a gallery or a shop space in Jewel. AIYOO ... Prime retail space, how to afford??? This is what is going to happen. Some select items from my range of merchandise will be on sale at Changi Gift Shop. Changi Gift Shop is managed by Changi Airport Group. Will divulge more of this shop later. What I can say now is, it is not a stand alone shop. 😉 A milestone it is for me. I may not be able to get a lot of shelf space but to be included is A SUPER BIG DEAL. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity. Been asked many times... How did I get myself into this? Who did I know? Here’s the truth ... An ANGEL “dropped” my name! ❤️ Then they ca

It is a proud moment for me. Very honoured. Number 3 on TripAdvisor “must visit” museums in Singapore included me in their website. 😱YAY !!! CHINATOWN HERITAGE CENTRE ! Check it out

In a nutshell...

I have had 4 name cards since I started, seems a bit weird, a tad funny, in fact quite clearly strange???!! There are reasons for every change but then again I am an artist, I am thus allowed to be a little quirky? ;) Every name card marks a milestone in my journey. I have clear memories of what happened and when. And so, I did a little exercise. Charting a timeline from the time I started art lessons to now. In this 5 and half years, I have done 252 pieces of art works. 131 mixed media pieces and 121 oil paintings to be exact. In retail, I have put on 48 SKUS of my artwork on merchandise. Well, to cut a long story short... this was what happened and when ... all brief, in a nutshell.. he

Number 6th Retail Point coming right up !!!

I read with EXCITEMENT the news on Jewel Changi Airport opening in April 2019. I have been keeping this ‘secret’ for a long time ! 🤪 Actually, I have been working on this for than a year!🤫 I am so PLEASED to announce that my 6th retail outlet point will be in JEWEL CHANGI AIRPORT. Exactly where? Hmmm ...I will tell you later! ;)

My new look...

I like to keep things current, hence I diligently update my work on various platforms and make sure I keep my blog in tandem with what is happening in my work. Even in something as ‘lame’ as name cards, I change them almost every year. My designer is baffled but I am adamant about keeping it current. This, is my 4th name card. 🤪

GlacySohArt Designs Pte Ltd

Things are moving. I can't manage it on my own anymore. Set up this new company to focus on the retail side of the business. I can't believe this is happening but with God, ALL things possible. I have come to believe with confidence and know in my heart, God willing, anything also can, everything all possible. Nothing is wasted in the experiences of our lives. What I put on PAUSE years ago when I stopped work to look after my children, is not wasted. Believe me,I am able to do and understand the business side of things because of my work experience as a marketeer in my earlier working years. So there, this is the new company set up, to focus on the merchandising aspect of my work with my b

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